Salmonid paradise on the lower north coast

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In river

The salmon river is unique and it is composed of several bits of a river and a chain of lakes on 28 km (only fly fishing is allowed in the river, see the information section to know what type of fishing rod is better to bring). It is possible to catch all the species present here, but mainly salmon and sea trout. 8 pool arranged as a trail from the sea over a distance of 8 km. Since the river is not very wide (at most 100 feet wide at some point), it is easy for a novice fisherman to become familiar with fly fishing. Our experienced guides will assist you as needed. The material is available if you do not have one (ask about the conditions).

In lake

What sets us apart from salmon outfitters only: it’s a paradise of salmonids on the Lower North Shore! It’s a unique place given the variety of catches and formats. In addition, at any time you will have the opportunity to catch your record fish and we encourage you to release 20 inches (50.8 cm) fish and overall species combined * with the exception of salmon where the limit allowed is 60 cm and under because they are usually the best spawners.